FIBBR Debuts Fiber Optic HDMI at InfoComm

FIBBR will make its InfoComm debut with the Ultra Pro series fiber optic flexible HDMI solutions, capable of sending signals from 50 meters to 200 meters. The UltraPro series, certified for 18 Gpbs by Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), provides uninterrupted signal transmission and uses something the company calls BendRobust technology, which allows the fiber to be bent 180 degrees.

FIBBR says its cables are 60 percent lighter than traditional copper cabling and use AC power coupling, eliminating the need for external power on the receiving end. This also means that there is no need for extra power adapters or patch cables.

Because fiber optic cables transmit data via light, they are single-directional. Thus. FIBBR cables are labeled Source and Display and for an added layer of security, a SmartLED indicator on the Source connector confirms proper connection and operation status, while the proprietary FlashLED on the Display connector provides handy a light to guide installers in dark spaces.

Here are the details.