Extron Launches WallVault for Education Market

Extron has launched WallVault Systems, a family of extron-wallvault-0210complete, centralized A/V switching and control systems designed for use with wall-mounted, short-throw projectors and flat panel displays. According to Extron, these are easy-to-use, easy-to-install, economical classroom A/V systems that use twisted pair technology for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based asset management, monitoring, and control. WallVault Systems take their name from the unique WMK 100 Wall Mount Kit that securely mounts and conceals system components on the wall.

WallVault Systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling needed for a complete classroom A/V system. All that remains is to add a video projector, screen or flat panel display, and sources.
For complete specs, go to: http://www.extron.com/product/product.aspx?id=wallvault&s=0

Note to self: check this link out.  The write up helps give a good idea of where/how this product line may be used in education environments… but clearly there is a lot here to take in.