Data Privacy Issues in Higher Ed

November 7, 2019

Management guru Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” I have long believed in this philosophy and work with my teams to make sure we are setting goals and measuring our success. While I think Drucker was right, he lived and worked in a much different […]

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The Vertical Market Customer Buying Journey

October 17, 2018

Helping prospects and clients inform themselves during their customer buying journey is not a one-size-fits-most process due to the exponential growth of online search. Instead of manufacturers and systems integrators publishing generic product features, benefits and specifications, today’s influencers and decision-makers are searching for how products work in their unique vertical markets and applications. To […]

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DS in the Education Market

September 22, 2014

When thinking of selling digital signage to the K-12 market, many integrators would simply walk away. We all know the budget struggles of public schools, therefore we know that there is not excess money to spend on what may be seen as frivolous. Yet, there are some things you may not know, particularly if your […]

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Manage Your Projects – And Your People

September 8, 2014

This month’s column is a little bit different from others in the past. I some ways, I am not ever writing about AV or education. Instead, I am writing about something that is near and dear to all tech manager’s hearts, and I am assuming everyone who does work of any type: management. How do […]

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Is the Education Market Bouncing Back?

July 9, 2014

By Len Scrogan Display Central Is the education market bouncing back after nearly a half-decade absence? Many existing companies and startups hope so. And if the recent ISTE conference—held this week in Atlanta—is any indicator, then the education market is indeed on the mend. ISTE 2014 is the largest ed-tech conference in the U.S., organized […]

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Selling to Schools (Part 1)

April 30, 2014

By Len Scrogan Display Central The challenge of selling to schools reminds me of a flowing description I penned in a soon-to-be published book: Imagine a river, deep and fast, charging downwards through a majestic canyon, slowing to a crawl as it ambles its way through a lush green valley. Although a winding river may […]

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Futuresource Consulting Says 1.3 Million Interactive Whiteboards with Flat-Screens Sold in 2013

March 3, 2014

Global sales of interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panel displays in the education and corporate sectors reached 1.3 million units in 2013, up 1 percent on the previous year and making it the largest year on record, according to the final 2013 quarterly research report from Futuresource Consulting. “The education sector provides a vast target […]

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Extron Launches WallVault for Education Market

February 18, 2010

Extron has launched WallVault Systems, a family of complete, centralized A/V switching and control systems designed for use with wall-mounted, short-throw projectors and flat panel displays. According to Extron, these are easy-to-use, easy-to-install, economical classroom A/V systems that use twisted pair technology for transmitting signals and include network connectivity for Web-based asset management, monitoring, and […]

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