Extron Intros Lightweight Handheld Wireless Mic for Classrooms

extron vlh102 0710

extron-vlh102-0710Extron has announced the new VLH 102 Handheld Microphone, an IR wireless mic with a cardioid capsule and durable polycarbonate enclosure for use with Extron VoiceLift® classroom sound field systems. VoiceLift Microphone Systems create a sound field within the classroom so that students can hear the instructor over ambient noise levels. Designed for student use in the classroom, the lightweight VLH 102 microphone features an anti-roll collar to keep the microphone from rolling off flat surfaces and helps prevent the IR emitters from being blocked during use. The VLH 102 is ideal for use in applications that require a pass-around microphone for student presentations and secondary microphone applications such as team teaching and guest speakers.
Additional features include an On/Off/Mute switch to silence the mic for private conversations or when not in use and an auxiliary input jack to allow playback from audio devices like MP3 players through the system. The mic includes a single, AA-sized, long life 2500 mAh NiMH battery that provides 8 hours of talk time. The battery can be recharged in the microphone using an external charger or the VLC 202 Desktop Charging Station.

For more information, go to http://www.extron.com/product/product.aspx?id=vlh102&s=5

Having had a chance to experiment a bit with the previous version of this IR mic (and VoiceLift system), the IR pickup was surprisingly effective. Wish all wireless mics were rechargeable batteries (while in the mic).