Training From the Learner’s Perspective


Ongoing training and education is, ideally a fact of life. Continuing education or work will include seminars, certifications and ongoing product training. And if you’ve been around long enough, you’ll have spent plenty of time on both sides of the equation as both the learner and the presenter. Training programs, whether they’re presented by a […]

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Extron Intros Lightweight Handheld Wireless Mic for Classrooms


Extron has announced the new VLH 102 Handheld Microphone, an IR wireless mic with a cardioid capsule and durable polycarbonate enclosure for use with Extron VoiceLift® classroom sound field systems. VoiceLift Microphone Systems create a sound field within the classroom so that students can hear the instructor over ambient noise levels. Designed for student use […]

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The Future of the Classroom


George Kembel, cofounder and executive director of Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, says publicly, “Our education system is not broken, but it is becoming obsolete. We’re still running an educational model developed for the industrial revolution, designed to prepare workers for factory jobs.” He may be right. Today’s classrooms feature professors or teachers […]

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Extron Classroom A/V System Grant Programs Near $2.0 Million Milestone


Last month, Extron said that so far it had granted over $1.8 million in classroom A/V systems to U.S. school districts. More than 580 pilot classrooms have been granted to enable district technology leaders, administrators, and instructors to evaluate and define audiovisual system standards that can be implemented in additional classrooms. The main goal of […]

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Extron Launches New Presentation Classroom Controller/Switcher


Extron added a new all-purpose classroom controller/switcher in the form of the MPS 409 – a switcher for integrating digital and analog signals. It combines five independent switchers in one rack-mountable enclosure: 3×1 HDMI with embedded audio, 2×1 DVI, 2×1 VGA/HDTV component video, 2×1 composite video, and 9×1 analog stereo audio. For system design applications, […]

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Extron Debuts Classroom AV System Configurator


Last week, Extron launched an online Classroom A/V System Configurator, an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop configuration utility that allows users to customize PoleVault, WallVault, and VoiceLift-based AV systems. Extron says the graphical user interface of the Classroom A/V System Configurator makes system customization easy, and wizards ensure that only valid systems are built and vital accessories are […]

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