Extron Ships Dedicated Touch Panel Controller for UCC Scheduling and Meeting Control


Extron is shipping its TLS 300M Desk Scheduling Touchpanel. The TLS 300M is a 3.5” portrait Desk Scheduling Touchpanel that can be placed on a flat surface to provide space availability information with a red/green LED. The company says its interface and integration with popular calendar services offer “instant visibility into available or booked spaces.” Setup is quick and easy with no programming skills required, according to Extron.

Featuring a scratch and smudge-resistant Gorilla Glass touch screen, Extron says the TLS 300M ensures clear visibility and long-term durability. Institutions can personalize their experience with customization options including light and dark themes, logo, background image, time and date formats and overlay opacity. Since there are no recurring costs or maintenance fees, the TLS 300M offers unparalleled value.

The TLS 300M Desk Scheduling Touchpanel works with Extron Room Agent software, TouchLink Scheduling Panels and the TLSI 201 Interactive Wayfinding Interface. Used in conjunction with the TLSI 201 Interactive Wayfinding Interface, users can view real-time space availability, status and location information using a centralized display.