Exterity Will Participate in InfoComm 2020 Connected


Exterity announced its participation Friday in InfoComm 2020 Connected, the now virtual version of North America’s largest professional audiovisual (AV) event. This online event, packed with products, education and networking, will take place over the same days that InfoComm, Las Vegas, would have been held (June 16-18), had it not been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The show follows a news-packed 12 months for Exterity in North America, when the company announced the opening of a new office in New Jersey, as well as the appointment of Emily Parker as sales manager for Americas and the promotion of Steven Forrest to sales director for Americas. This year Exterity has announced several new clients around the world, including The Crowne Plaza Muscat Oman Exhibition and Convention Hotel and the Parliament of Victoria in Australia. The company also received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2020.

Some of Exterity’s new product highlights at InfoComm 2020 Connected include:

  • New 4K Media Player with 4K@60fps graphics and animations capability: Scheduled to ship in the second half of 2020, the AvediaPlayer m9605 Media Player can integrate not just 4K video, but also 4K 60fps graphics and animations into digital signage. This new platform fully integrates into Exterity’s IP video ecosystem and features the latest Intel Core CPU, high capacity on-device storage, and a fanless design.
  • New Meeting Room Element for ArtioSign Digital Signage + IPTV in One: Building on ArtioSign’s existing Meeting Room functionality, this new feature enables organizations to let people see more at a glance, including meeting room availability, daily meeting room schedule, and wayfinding information — all on a single signage display. The functionality integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Amadeus Delphi and Hyatt Envision Events Management System. There is now support for Samsung SSSP6 QB13R small displays, making it a solution to display the day’s schedule outside a meeting room.
  • New ArtioFlow workflow app: Users drag a series of actions across the IPTV system — such as power on, set volume or channel change — to create sequences. For instance, a corporate organization could create an ArtioFlow workflow that turns on a group of devices at the start of the business day, sets the main news channel, and then mutes the screens located in public areas. Users can also create and prioritize workflow triggers, so screens will be automatically and instantly updated when specific events occur.
  • High Availability app: This new application has been designed for organizations that require highly robust, reliable and performant solutions, ensuring that there is no service interruption. Implementing high availability offers numerous advantages by minimizing downtime as platforms can operate continuously, even in case of network failure. Exterity AvediaServer, AvediaStream Transcoders and Origin Server platforms, and ArtioSign and ArtioGuest applications, can be configured in clusters using the High Availability application. If the primary platform becomes unavailable, a secondary platform will automatically take over, using a failover mechanism.
  • Next-generation Encoders ship with Intel E3900 series technology inside: Exterity’s 38-series AvediaStream HDMI Encoders, powered by Intel’s Atom E3900 processor, provide a more flexible solution, capable of supporting a wider range of codecs versus traditional, single codec ASIC solutions.
  • New AvediaStream g4401 IP-IP Gateway: The recent introduction of the g4401 IP-IP Gateway means that two paired Exterity gateways can send and receive secure and reliable video streams over the internet using the SRT protocol. This enables organizations to deliver live video, such as training sessions, between remote sites, without the need for costly dedicated delivery networks. Also, the g4401 supports the input of Transport Streams delivered by IPTV providers, enabling the selection of required channels for redistribution over LAN.
  • Integration with Oracle Simphony Point of Sale: Display eye-catching, dynamic menu boards in digital signage, now with integration with Oracle Simphony Point of Sale. Screens get updated automatically when prices or availability change, ensuring the information displayed is always up to date and targeted by the audience for optimized customer experience.