Ergonomic Surge Protection and Diagnostic Energy Intelligence for Digital Signage

phpVyh0fTAMLas Vegas, NV – Digital Signage Expo 2015 – March 11-12 – Booth 3028 – At DSE 2015, SurgeX, will address the number one cause of digital signage downtime and failure worldwide, power quality issues. The SurgeX MultiPak and FlatPak product lines represent the most advanced power protection and energy diagnostic technology available for safeguarding digital signage equipment from disruptive and damaging surges, spikes, and electrical transients. SurgeX will also demonstrate its energy intelligence platform that delivers critical data in real time and offers remote power monitoring and management capabilities.

Digital signage installations can be found in inhospitable environments, often sharing the same circuit as industrial HVAC systems, IT equipment, elevators, appliances, and other power hungry devices. The constant barrage of low-level surges from systems cycling on and off affects the power line causing transients and other issues that affect daily performance and deteriorate unprotected digital signage equipment over time.

“Digital signage downtime is a crisis for many businesses. The cost of missed sales and unhappy or inconvenienced customers, can add up quick,” said Shannon Townley, president of SurgeX. “SurgeX offers the only defense a digital signage installation will ever need against common power issues and catastrophic events. We also provide energy diagnostics data that can be used to identify small issues before they become big problems.”

Energy intelligence gathering is a growing trend in digital signage as companies seek to reduce downtime and prolong the lifespan of digital signage investments. Energy diagnostics solutions from SurgeX measure and record power conditions in real-time, presenting data in detailed, date-stamped reports that can be used to correct and prevent power issues, before they cause damage or disruption. Technicians can easily identify preexisting power issues and analyze real-time power anomalies like transients and sags, to better protect digital signage investments more effectively.

While many believe surges only come from events like lightning or blown fuses, more commonly they originate from within a building via HVAC units, office equipment, or other electronics constantly cycling on/off. A UPS provides back up power in the case of outages and brownouts, but offers no protection against surges and transients. Surge strips are merely power outlets/power distribution, and do not provide professional grade surge protection strong enough to protect the life of a sophisticated digital signage solution.

SurgeX products offer a unique balance of premium power protection and energy intelligence, and they are ergonomically designed to install conveniently behind multi-panel displays and other signage solutions for minimal visual impact. If you’re interested in learning more about SurgeX and digital signage energy management at DSE 2015, please visit SurgeX in booth 3028.

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About ESP/SurgeX
ESP/SurgeX is the leader in energy intelligence and power protection products. Our comprehensive product portfolio offers a complete line of AC power solutions for surge protection, power conditioning, diagnostic analysis, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment. Backed with 42 patents/patents pending, ESP/SurgeX products are engineered to safeguard against power anomalies that can “confuse” the circuitry in digital equipment and cause both equipment degradation and downtime. Independent research proves that ESP/SurgeX technology can improve equipment performance, profitability, and ROI. For 30 years, business leaders worldwide have trusted ESP/SurgeX to protect and improve their electronic systems. For more information visit