EPSON’s BrightLink Pro Gets Boardroom Makeover, Thanks to Chief

BL_Pro_1410Wi-with-Chief-mount-0114EPSON and Chief Manufacturing have partnered to debut what it will call BrightLink for Boardrooms — although the official name for it is the Epson Brightlink Pro 1410Wi.

In case you don’t know, the BrightLink Pro is like a SmartBoard on steroids — it’s an interactive whiteboard with an integrated short-throw projector (PowerLite 1410Wi). The BrightLink Pro also includes a much simpler interface than a SmartBoard and you can use either a wall or an actual whiteboard surface to project on. It’s included with a Chief-designed 82″, framed whiteboard that’s available in three finishes: cherry wood, aluminum or teak wood.

In addition to the standard interactive white-boarding features like multi-color virtual annotation, image capturing via the network or memory stick, image printing and PC and Mac compatibility for connectivity, the BrightLink Pro includes BYOD functionality so that you can wirelessly connect a tablet and present and annotate that way (on either the tablet or the whiteboard).

Here are all the details on EPSON’s site. Here is Chief’s frame option.