Environmental Lights Launches New 4-in-1 LED Strip Light

environmental lights 4 in 1 led strip

Environmental Lights announced the launch of its new MaxRun 4-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light on Thursday. MaxRun 4-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light is designed to solve the creative challenges where a continuous run of color is needed. According to the company, MaxRun 4-in-1 is one of the first 4-in-1 LED strip lights that can light a 10-meter distance in one run. Its longer run length enables users to go greater distances on one power supply without worrying about changes to color or brightness.

In addition to containing RGB diodes, the MaxRun 4-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light includes a 3,000K Tungsten, a 6,500K cool white or an amber diode. The ability to mix four colors on one LED node lets users create more colors than those created with RGB alone.

MaxRun 4-in-1 5050 LED Strip Light is 24V, UL Listed and features four colors per node at a density of 60 LEDs per meter. It is also available in a waterproof IP65 version.

Product Features

  • 10-meter run lengths
  • 60 LEDs per meter
  • Four colors per node
  • 24 VDC
  • Available in waterproof IP65
  • UL Listed and RoHS certified