Environmental Lights Adds PixLite Controller Line to Offerings

environmental lights advatek pixlite

Environmental Lights says they’ve picked-up the Advatek PixLite controllers line and added it to its offerings of pixel lighting solutions. Advatek says its pixel controllers have been used to drive the “magic” behind some of the world’s most spectacular LED pixel lighting installations, galleries, shows and events, including those from Meow Wolf to GoLive Productions.

Advatek PixLite controllers can control up to 96 universes for pixel LEDs, support over 65-pixel protocols, and provide electrical fault protection on all ports. Additionally, each product comes with a robust 5-year warranty.

Advatek PixLite Pixel Controller Features:

  • Control up to 96 universes for pixel LEDs
  • Transmits to receivers up to 300m away
  • Support 65+ pixel protocols
  • Electrical fault protection on all ports
  • Auxiliary ports for DMX512 In/Out