Atmos Home Is Now Shipping the AtmosRemote

atmos home atmosremote

Atmos Home today announced the company is finally shipping the AtmosRemote, first-debuted in 2019. The AtmosRemote is a single handheld device providing access to every media device and dozens of smart home gadgets. Through a touch panel, homeowners can control every wireless and IoT device in their home either via touch screen, local voice commands, apps or hand gestures.

Atmos Home’s AtmosRemote is a handheld remote that can access every media device in a home with an intuitive interface and control several web and WiFi-based smart home devices. With the AtmosRemote, users can manage their media equipment such as receivers and TVs, along with wireless devices such as Sonos, Bose and Denon, as well as streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora.

The AtmosRemote also lets users control some smart home devices such as lights and thermostats, rather than using their smartphone and shuffling through multiple apps. When paired with the AtmosControl hub, every type of smart home device can be controlled, whether it uses WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Zigbee or Infrared.

Atmos Home’s flagship product, the AtmosControl smart home hub, provides full compatibility with nearly every smart home device on the market (whether thermostat, light switch, security camera, door lock and more). The AtmosControl panel eliminates the need for multiple apps while also making it a breeze to create smart home “scenes” — essentially real-life macros, according to the company. It works by running a sequence such as “start the day” to automatically turn the lights on, start brewing coffee and put on a morning playlist.