DSA Accepting Entries for DSA Crown Awards

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) is now accepting entries for the DSA Crown Awards, recognizing the impact of excellent content in out-of-home environments through the use of digital signage, self-service kiosks and/or mobile technology.

Entries are accepted from both members and non-members. The cost to enter is $195 per entry for DSA Members and $225 per entry for non-members. A video of sample content and a photo of the screen in the intended environment is required.

Award categories are as follows:

Point of Sale
Examples: bars (music sales), quick-service restaurant (QSR) menu boards, restaurant promotional boards, retail

Point of Transit
Examples: airports, bus stations, digital billboards, subway stations, train stations

Point of Wait
Examples: bars, casual dining (waiting for a table), enterprise opersations, healthcare, hospitality, internal communications, office buildings, quick-service restaurant dining areas, waiting in line and in taxis, subways, trains and buses

Within each of the three categories above, entrants will select one of the following two budget categories: less than $10,000 (USD) and more than $10,000.