How to Effectively Position Digital Signage to Your Boss

By Kelly Eisel
Marketing Copywriter, Industry Weapon

digital-signage-software-0613You’re reading this blog, so chances are you see digital signage as a potential cure for the internal issues your organization is facing. It can remedy plenty of communication woes, but how can you get your boss to share in the excitement about this solution?

You need to get your facts straight before you ask any higher-up to open the organization’s pocketbook and invest in something new. If your proposed project can make a positive impact on the business, you’re the hero of the hour! If it fails, you have to work twice as hard to save your reputation. Starting to sweat? Take a second to relax while we break it down for you.

A digital signage deployment with a proper content management system and content strategy will reduce your organization’s communication errors, modernize your facility and attract the right audience.

The facts:

  • 47 percent of audiences retain information received on digital signage 30 days after exposure.
  • Digital Signage is credited with increasing brand awareness by 47.7 percent, and sales volumes by 31.8 percent.
  • Digital displays capture 400 percent more viewers than static displays.

Whatever communication hiccups you are experiencing, there are several ways to mitigate them with digital signage. Both internal and external messaging is brought up to modern-day speed as they streamline digital content to audiences. “But how?” (Your boss will ask.) Luckily, we’ve compiled this simple list to help you with your answer. (We won’t tell!)

Digital signage provides quick messaging that sticks

Dynamic, moving images lure in viewers with the same effect that the television has had for years. The messages on the screen are only a few words long, making them easily by your audience. The repetition of slides re- enforces the messaging, ensuring everyone has understood the communication. Everyone will understand your messages, because everyone will be engaged.

Digital signage optimizes communication with employees and clients

Digital signage software is able to integrate with your organization’s existing social and data platforms to display content on the screens. From important messaging, like safety alerts to entertainment, or social media posts- digital signage has ‘set it and forget it’ applications that automate messages for you.

Digital signage modernizes your organization

Think back to the last time you drove past an old, faded internal or external signage or flyers that were a few years old. You probably thought that it made the area seem run down and out-of-touch, even if it wasn’t. The opposite effect is true, too. A technologically advanced digital sign will have viewers feeling like they are in a relevant, intuitive environment.

This column was reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association and originally appeared here.