DPA Microphones Ships d:screet Supercardiod Mic for Worship Facilities

dpa-mic-dc4098-1115DPA Microphones is shipping the d:screet SC4098 Supercardiod Podium Microphone aimed at houses of worship facilities.

DPA’s d:screet SC4098 Supercardiod Podium Microphone is a directional microphone based on the company’s miniature capsule. This podium solution is built with DPA’s special interference tube technology, ensuring exceptional directivity and off-axis rejection. DPA says it has proven to be the top choice for speech applications in some of the most challenging acoustic environments. The d:screet SC4098 is available in six-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch lengths and while most variants are only available in black, the six-inch MicroDot solution is also available in white. There is also the option to terminate the boom pole with DPA’s MicroDot connector, making it suitable for a wireless Podium Mic setup.

Here are all the details.