Disguise Launches EX 3, a 4K Video Playback Device

EX 3

Today, disguise announced the launch of EX 3 — a 4K video playback solution designed specifically for location-based experiences and fixed installations. Whether it’s for an art show, entertainment venue or office lobby, EX 3 unlocks the full scalability of the disguise platform, which has powered more than 600 immersive experiences in more than 50 countries. The platform includes disguise’s Designer software, newly-launched APIs and the disguise Cloud collaboration toolkit. This enables creatives to benefit from an end-to-end workflow from concept to delivery, so they can bring their vision to life from one connected platform.

Featuring three 4K video outputs suitable for both projection and LED displays, each EX 3 is designed to play back video with minimal latency. Depending on the show’s needs, additional EX 3 machines can be added and synced to scale the video playout. EX 3 units can even be used in a session with other disguise media servers for more complex experiences. Users can work at scale and maintain the ability to change their content on the fly, from Designer, without changing the system infrastructure. This is also helpful when running concurrent shows on the same system.

The Benefits of EX 3 Include:

  • Easier playout to large canvases: Thanks to its genlock support, multiple EX 3 machines can be synced together, enabling playback of 4K video at scale with minimal latency.
  • More flexibility for custom experiences: Use disguise APIs to build additional applications on top of EX 3. Operators can easily customize workflows with tools to schedule content, monitor system health and more.
  • Stress-free collaboration: EX 3 unlocks access to the full disguise platform. Users can sequence videos using Designer, then share them via disguise’s Previz app, where creators can preview the final result in 3D space. All project content will be stored and collated in disguise Cloud, so it’s all in one place.
  • More creativity and scalability: Make content changes on the fly with Designer, without the need to change the infrastructure, so that experiences can evolve over time. EX 3 can also be used alongside OmniCal, disguise’s camera-based projector calibration system, to align projectors to sub-pixel accuracy in just minutes
  • 24/7 world-class support: As well as cloud storage and easy collaboration, EX 3 users can take advantage of disguise’s 24/7 support with a highly-experienced team based all over the world, which has been helping deliver events for more than 20 years. Local service centers and server loan programs are also on hand to ensure any project runs without a hitch.