Disguise and Meptik Co-Design Mobile and Portable Virtual Studio in a Turnkey Rack


Disguise company Meptik announced its first turnkey virtual production studio solution, Meptik Studio Pro. By packing a pre-configured Disguise studio control stack, ROE LEDs, camera tracking, comprehensive creative and technical support and training into one = solution, Meptik says its Studio Pro hopes to streamline virtual production studio installation, enabling creative teams to take their production to the “next level.”

Studio Pro will be available in four options:

  • Small: for presentations, keynotes or other single-talent setups
  • Medium: for commercial shoots, advertisements, online courses and teaching
  • Large: for high-budget film and episodic projects with multiple actors and elaborate sets
  • XR: for augmented reality projects that extend the virtual world into the physical space

At the core of Studio Pro is a pre-configured rack consisting of Disguise technology, which includes VX and RX servers, and Disguise Designer software to control the visuals. Meptik says the Designer enables both Previz and on-set control of cinematic content which can be 2D, 2.5D or real-time 3D such as Unreal Engine or Volinga for NeRFs. Studio Pro will also be available in a range of ROE LED sizes, specific to the customer’s application.

Meptik Studio Pro is available and all the specs and options are here: