Disguise Launches an Entry-Level Media Server Lineup Dubbed EX

disguise entry level media server lineup

Disguise announced a new generation of EX media servers, following the recently launched RX III real-time render node, opening up even wider access to the world’s most advanced live visual experience platform. Providing a ruggedized solution for pre-rendered video playback at any scale, the new generation of the EX range comes in the form of three different media servers — EX 2, EX 2C and EX 3+ — providing an entry point to the Disguise ecosystem for mid to small-scale productions looking for a powerful playback machine with all the benefits of Disguise hardware.

Engineered to power permanent installations in museums, theme parks, cruise ships and immersive spaces, with advanced software integration and best-in-class support, the new EX machines also provide a perfect playback solution for live events such as theater shows and corporate presentations, thanks to their new, more compact and low-noise 2U chassis design.

Featuring latest PCIe Gen 5 motherboard, the new EX machines enable users to choose a solution that is best suited to their project needs, with either two or three 4K video outputs and video capture flexibility. They are also scalable and can run as a network of machines for redundancy and failover with other Disguise EX range machines, or as dedicated directors and editors with the VX and GX range.

The new Disguise EX hardware launch follows the recent RX III real-time render node release from Disguise, developed to provide the “most powerful and reliable solution to render increasingly demanding real-time scenes at scale.” Designed within the same 2U chassis as the EX, the Disguise RX III allows users to create complex real-time scenes with their content engine of choice.