Dirac Announces New Functionalities for Dirac Live solution

Dirac Live Solution UpdatesDirac announced a new auto target curve functionality for its Dirac Live solution that makes it easier for consumers to get better sound quality out of their sound systems. Dirac Live solution will now automatically generate an auto target curve based on a specific sound system’s unique measurements. With this new functionality, consumers no longer need in-depth knowledge of room correction to enjoy the best sound possible.

The new auto target curve more faithfully reflects the inherent character of the measured system, minus the adverse acoustic effects of the room. The auto target curve ensures the result is lifelike and preserves more of the speakers’ individual flavor while tightening up performance across the board.

Should further tweaking be required to achieve optimal sound, users can then manually adjust the auto target curve through a new simplified interface in the Dirac Live mobile app. Users simply drag a sound region up or down to increase or decrease its volume. And for all the users who know and love it, the classic filter design will still be available.

Dirac’s auto target curve is available first through the Dirac Live mobile app, and the company will announce desktop functionality later this year. Available for download today, the newly updated Dirac Live mobile app has also simplified its measuring and adjustment processes to now require fewer steps for users to complete. Currently, Dirac Live-enabled devices from NAD, Onkyo, Pioneer, Integra and Pioneer Elite are compatible with the Dirac Live mobile app.