Digital Signage and AV in Houses of Worship

I say this to myself every day – digital signage is everywhere!  It’s found in malls, schools, restaurants, and is continuing to become a part of our everyday lives. Digital signage is also becoming a large part of the worship experience. Regardless if your house of worship has 100 visitors or 5,000, every facility can benefit from implementing digital signage and AV.

Below you’ll read about some of the benefits that houses of worship are enjoying from implementing digital signage and AV.

Sound Amplification

Too often, we have all leaned over to our fellow worshiper and asked them what was just said. Why? The sound wasn’t quite right for the amount of visitors that day. These issues are slowly starting to fade with more and more houses implementing new sound equipment to help alleviate this problem. Clear and audible sound not only helps worshipers hear your messages, but can also aid when interacting with the audience in a room full of people or when hosting an event where the audience is much larger.


Accommodating Mass Schedules

busy-lutrell-1115With the increase in our busy lives, houses of worships have started scheduling multiple gatherings at different times throughout the week to help accommodate their members. Traditional sign boards are just not cutting it anymore when it comes to these mass schedules. Limited spacing and available lighting are just a few of the disadvantages of these traditional signs, so it’s best to consider outdoor digital displays to accommodate your mass schedules. Outdoor digital displays will advertise mass schedules on a rotating basis, as well as announce any last minute cancellations or changes. The general public will be able to see these schedules and other important news that they may not have seen unless they were members. Plus, these signs are visible day or night, a benefit that you don’t have if you are using a traditional sign board.

Indoor Signage Displays

bulletinboard-lutrell-1115Along with the increase in mass schedules, many houses of worship have evolved to be place for social gatherings, on a regular basis, for many people by hosting events like yard sales, pageants, concerts, plays, etc. Take a look at the photo of the bulletin board; How often have you seen bulletin boards like these in your house of worship? Often times, many announcements and flyers get completely overlooked because the bulletin is overloaded.

This issue can be eliminated by implementing indoor signage displays into your facility. Like the outdoor digital displays, this will allow news and events to be displayed on a rotating basis, giving every event the equal chance to be promoted in a clear and concise way to all visitors.

By providing excellent sound and display, digital signage and AV have helped houses of worship transform their visitors’ experiences. Has your house of worship recently integrated digital signage and AV into their facility? If so, tell us how it has changed your experience.