Digital Projection Expands Range of Single-Chip Projectors

e vision 15000 9100

Digital Projection has expanded their range of single-chip projectors with the new E-Vision 15000 and 9100 models. Just as with previous higher-tier models of the series, this 15,000-lumen projector employs ColorBoost + Red Laser technology in a single-chip DLP projector.

New to the E-Vision 15000 is Art-Net control which allows for easy integration into existing lighting installations and makes this model ideal for virtually any space, from live events to visitor attractions.

Additionally, the E-Vision 15000 is liquid cooled, allowing the optical system to be completely sealed, to provide an IP60 rating. This ensures that light output and color performance will not be degraded due to the ingress of dust or contaminants. Another advantage of liquid cooling via radiators is that the projector is completely filterless — greatly reducing maintenance requirements and cost of ownership.

The new E-Vision 9100 is another single-chip DLP model that’s 61 pounds and packaged in a relatively compact chassis, the E-Vision 9100 delivers 8600 lumens and a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

Like all other laser phosphor projectors in the range, the E-Vision 9100 offers 20,000 hours of illumination.

Features such as a sealed light engine, HDR support, DICOM Simulation Mode, and powerful 7-point color correction for accurate color matching, make this projector the ideal choice for many demanding and mission critical applications.