Digital Projection and Display Devices Partner for Projection Mapping Project that Shines Art and Messaging on Denver Tower


Denver, Colorado, has a rich history of infrastructure and cultural development. What started as a small gold-rush town now boasts the 10th largest downtown area in America. But even with its status as a major metropolis, the Mile High City has always tried to maintain a healthy balance of population, urban beauty and ecological impact. […]

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Digital Projection and Display Devices Project Life and Perseverance Into Downtown Atlanta


2020 was a challenging year for many people. Calls for social distancing and shelter-in-place orders kept many in-doors for the better part of the year. As life adjusted to this new reality, the limited opportunities for recreation and fun had a negative impact on people’s outlook and emotions. With the year winding down and the […]

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Extron and Digital Projection Announce Certification Collaboration and Processor


Extron and Digital Projection announced a strategic collaboration to guarantee consistent, stable presentation of source content when using select Digital Projection professional display solutions with the Quantum Ultra 4K Videowall Processor. Displays that pass an extensive testing program are identified as Quantum Ultra Certified. The first Digital Projection products to earn Quantum Ultra Certification include the Radiance LED […]

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Digital Projection Expands Range of Single-Chip Projectors


Digital Projection has expanded their range of single-chip projectors with the new E-Vision 15000 and 9100 models. Just as with previous higher-tier models of the series, this 15,000-lumen projector employs ColorBoost + Red Laser technology in a single-chip DLP projector. New to the E-Vision 15000 is Art-Net control which allows for easy integration into existing […]

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Digital Projection Intros M-Vision 23000 Projector


Digital Projection M-Vision 23000 projector — a single chip DLP laser phosphor projector that DPI is claiming is the brightest single chip in the world. With 23,000 lumens of brightness, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and direct-red assist lasers, the new M-Vision model has the brightness of many three-chip imaging products in a single-chip price point. […]

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LED Walls or Projection for Churches: Growth in Technology Makes Decisions Tougher


As 2020 has turned into 2021, many recently arisen challenges are continuing to confront churches. Among the challenges thrust to the forefront are those associated with recognizing the increasing value of broadcasting and streaming worship services. Even with churches having been largely open in recent months, most have been so on a limited capacity basis. […]

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Liberty Square Church Picks Digital Projection Radiance for Youth Worship Room Redesign


For many places of worship, one of the biggest challenges is maintaining active involvement across the various communities in their congregations. With time commitments of work, school, sports, events and relationships, a church requires a special combination of preachers, staff and programs to thrive in the world of today. One house of prayer that excels […]

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Single Chip Brightness Takes Another Leap Forward with Digital Projection’s New M-Vision 23000


Digital Projection announced the launch of the world’s brightest single chip DLP laser phosphor projector — the 23,000 Lumen M-Vision 23000. The Digital Projection M-Vision 23000 WU boasts an unprecedented 23,000 lumens output and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, to bring budget-sensitive applications a large-screen imaging solution and near 3-Chip performance at a 1-Chip price point. The […]

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Digital Projection Launches Satellite Modular Laser System


Digital Projection launched the Satellite Modular Laser System (Satellite MLS) for the North American market on Thursday. This allows the separation of the pure laser light engine, with the associated power and thermal management, to a remote location. It then enables a compact and virtually silent projection “head” that primarily contains optics, video processing and […]

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Radiance LED Wall Enhances Community and Culture in Westport, CT


Along the shores of Long Island Sound and in the middle of Connecticut’s Gold Coast lies the city of Westport. As one of the early colonial settlements in North America, Westport is steeped in a rich history for both English and Native American peoples. Now a vibrant community, Westport is a cultural hub for the […]

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Digital Projection’s ISE 2019 Plans Include a 35K Lumen 8K Projector and More LEDs


At ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, Digital Projection says it will have an even brighter 8K (7680×4320) resolution projector than last year’s — in fact, in 2018, they were the only company with an 8K native projector in their booth. In addition, DPI will demo what they are calling the world’s first native 4K Ultra High […]

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New INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 from Digital Projection Is a 4K 3D Simulation Projector


Digital Projection’s INSIGHT 4K HFR 360 Multi-View 3D projector is aimed at interactive 3D experiences. With Multi-View 3D projection, a single projector with fast frame rates can accommodate several viewers, each of which being individually tracked and having a view of the image that remains appropriate to their changing position. This allows the users to […]

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Stewart Filmscreen Partners with Projector Manufacturers, Show Application-Driven Images at InfoComm 2018


Stewart Filmscreen partnered with Christie and Digital Projection to bring application-driven, reference-quality images to the InfoComm 2018 show floor, where discerning show attendees demand the best possible AV experience. The only two-time Academy Award–winning manufacturer of projection screens and projection screen materials for the AV industry, Stewart Filmscreen delivers on the promise of a high-performance […]

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DP’s New INSIGHT LASER 8K Projector to Make USA Debut at InfoComm


Digital Projection International (DPI) will bring their new INSIGHT LASER 8K (7680×4320) at the 2018 InfoComm show in Las Vegas June 6 – 8 (Booth C2018). DPI’s 25,000 lumen INSIGHT LASER 8K projector, developed in collaboration with Delta Electronics (who owns them), makes a 33 million pixel canvas. To demonstrate this at InfoComm (since little […]

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DPI Readies Industry’s First 8K DLP Projector, Ships 4K 3-Chip DLP Projector at 12.5K Lumens


Digital Projection was at NAB last week with its first-ever 8K DLP projector. The 25,000-lumen INSIGHT LASER 8K (7680×4320) — that’s 33-million pixels and four times the resolution of 4K. The INSIGHT LASER will ship later this year. In the meantime, DLP’s HIGHlite 4K resolutions (3840×2160) LASER is now 12,500 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. The 3-chip projector is aimed at home-cinema […]

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Digital Projection Expands Radiance LED With 1.2-Millimeter Pixel-Pitch for Home Cinema


Digital Projection International (DPI) expands its Radiance LED platform to now include a 1.2-millimeter pixel-pitch solution. The Radiance 1.2 is an indoor display that allows architects and AV designers to imagine and implement seamless displays in nearly limitless shapes, sizes and resolutions. Because each panel is based on a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, systems can easily be designed to present HD, UHD […]

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Digital Projection Debuts E-Vision LASER 5K Projector


Digital Projection International (DPI) is announcing a new “high-value projection display” featuring its laser light engine. The E-Vision LASER 5K (5K as in 5,000 lumens) features the same solid-state laser illumination technology as Digital Projection’s flagship projectors, and like those models, benefits from 20,000-hours of maintenance-free imaging with no lamp replacements. DPI claims the E-Vision LASER 5K is designed for applications requiring […]

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Digital Projection Adds Two New High-Brightness Budget Laser Projectors to E-Vision Series


Digital Projection International (DPI) recently launched two new high-lumen, budget-oriented E-Vision laser projectors. Building on the success of the E-Vision Laser 8500, DPI debuted an E-Vision Laser 6500 and 7500. These displays bring a variety of price points, capabilities and installation flexibility to the already recognized E-Vision series. The E-Vision Laser 6500 is specified at […]

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New HIGHlite Laser II Projector From DPI Announced


Digital Projection International (DPI) recently unveiled the HIGHlite Laser II. New brightness thresholds, 110-volt capabilities and a newly-engineered electronics platform are all part of the Laser II. The HIGHlite Laser II brings a range of impressive improvements to the already popular HIGHlite Laser model. While maintaining its compelling 20,000 hours of illumination, the second-generation product […]

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Captured at #ISE2016 Part 2: The Show


In Part 1 I explained that I’ve previously written blogs capturing Twitter and Facebook moments at InfoComm 2015, InfoComm Connections in NYC and other trade shows. This time I decided to do a “4000 mile” social media view of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam – the AV industry’s largest trade show event which takes place […]

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Stewart Filmscreen Partners With Top Brands at Integrated Systems Europe 2016


Stewart Filmscreen is partnering with top brands in the residential, commercial, and professional AV markets at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016, February 9-12, in Amsterdam. Stewart Filmscreen’s ISE stand features products from Digital Projection, Christie Digital, PRIMA Cinema, Pro Audio Technology, and CinemaTech. The collaboration with these heavy-hitters in home theater, display technology, and audio […]

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Digital Projection Debuts 13K DarkChip Projector at ISE


Digital Projection added to its 3-chip DarkChip DLP-based HIGHlite Laser large venue projector range at ISE with the new HIGHlite Laser II (13,000 ANSI lumens). Digital Projection says that their video processing is improved and the refresh-rate is now 120Hz for the DisplayPort input and 120Hz or 60Hz for HDMI. The 2,000:1 contrast ratio projector […]

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Gary Catches up with Mike Levi of Digital Projection


Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, took the time this morning to talk to Gary about how they launched both new entry-level projection products as well as high-end projectors using laser. DPI used to be known as a company that focused on the high-end of the market but now they have an entry-level projector line […]

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Digital Projection and OSA Offer FlexFleet Rental Program for Professional Stagers


Digital Projection and OSA International have announce a FlexFleet Rental Program to provide professional stagers a competitive option for renting high performance projectors. The FlexFleet Rental Program provides professional stagers the option of renting the most current high performance, 3-chip, 20K lumen, TITAN Quad 3D projectors, as well as the 110 volt powered, 15K lumen […]

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DPI Intros 10,000 Lumen Laser Projector


Digital Projection International (DPI) has announced the launch of the HIGHLite LASER WUXGA 3D, which offers 10,000 lumens from a solid-state light source, capable of producing over 20,000 hours of illumination and WUXGA (1920×1200). Due to the light source and lack of a lamp, this projector offers a lower total cost of ownership. Image edge […]

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Lang Evaluates Laser/Phosphor and Laser Projectors


By Matt Brennesholtz Display Central At ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, Lang AG (Lindlar, Germany) had both a booth and a private viewing room.  The viewing room focused on laser/phosphor and pure laser projectors and I got a tour of it hosted by Markus Ries, director of Lang Academy, and Peter Mathia, product manager for projectors. […]

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Digital Projection Intros 12,000 Lumen Laser Projector


Digital Projection will launch a new 12,000-lumen laser version of its HIGHLite line of projectors at the Integrated Systems Europe trade show in Amsterdam next month. Like most solid-state lighting devices, it’s spec’d at 20,000 hours and offers WUXGA resolution (1920×1200). This is only the industry’s third laser projector — the other two are from […]

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Digital Projection Ships 9K Lumen Cine 730 Projector


Digital Projection unveiled the HIGHlite Cine 1080p 730-3D at CEDIA — spec’d as a 9,000-lumen, 1080p projector. DPI’s HIGHlite Cine 1080p 730-3D projectors feature built-in HDBaseT (video, audio, control and ethernet over standard Cat5e/6), Dual Flash Processing (DFP) that enables distribution of 3D content via 60 Hz formats by frame-doubling the signal within the projector, […]

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Digital Projection Intros 1080p LED Titan


At CEDIA, Digital Projection International (DPI) announced the TITAN 1080p LED 3D projector, which the company says is the world’s first combination of 3-chip DLP imaging and solid-state LED illumination. Utilizing Texas Instruments’ DarkChip DLP technology, DPI’s new TITAN 1080p LED 3D is spec’d at 2,000 lumens and lists for $79,995. The benefits of LED […]

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