D-Tools System Integrator 2017 Now Available

D-Tools announced today the availability of its newest version of System Integrator (SI) software platform, SI 2017.

Building on the architecture of the System Integrator platform, including a robust Cloud infrastructure, this major new release adds significant new capabilities and performance enhancements, in addition to system design and productivity improvements, that enable commercial and residential AV integrators to maximize the efficiency of their business processes. 

SI 2017 can now report information across multiple projects, providing executives with a powerful BI engine that delivers visual reports and dashboard views of key performance indicators. In addition to pre-configured BI reports, SI 2017 makes it easy to create custom visual reports to understand important elements of an integrator’s business. The D-Tools Business Intelligence engine enables deep analysis of business activities and trends such as profit analysis, product usage, vendor engagement, personnel performance, and even sales pipeline, activity and results.

SI 2017’s pre-configured dashboard views can be filtered by date range and viewed as a graph (bar, line, pie) or table. Pre-defined dashboards include reports such as sales by salesperson, sales pipeline by project stage, top products sold and profit margin by system type, product category, project size and more.

Additionally, the new Dashboard Wizard allows users to create, edit, and clone dashboards to streamline the time required to create additional views. SI 2017 enables two types of dashboards: Summary (for grouped and summarized data) and Tabular (simple data table). The power and flexibility of the new BI engine are ideal for viewing the data needed to run the business in an informed and efficient manner.

Coming in May 2017, the new Customer Portal, built on the D-Tools Cloud infrastructure, enables users to publish proposals, change orders, drawings and other client-facing documents to the web for improved client engagement. Clients will be able to login to a secure web portal to review documentation, make comments and accept or reject the documents presented.

You can sign up for a 30-day trial here.