Crestron Launches Horizon Thermostat

crestronCrestron announced the launch of the Horizon Thermostat, a touch screen smart thermostat for a two-wire install into any thermostat location. The Horizon Thermostat can react to dynamic routines in response to data from onboard temperature, humidity and proximity sensors. When integrated with the Crestron Home platform, Horizon Thermostats act in concert with other smart devices like lighting and shading to ensure optimal comfort, convenience and energy savings.

With a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen display and an auto-adjustable backlight that toggles between day and night mode depending on time of day or user preferences, the Horizon Thermostat is marketed as a professional-grade device that’s 124 millimeters wide by 89 millimeters high and is available in Horizon white, black or almond finishes. The RGB-backlit accent and status lightbar complements the display while the ambient light and proximity sensors ensure the thermostat is always discreet, but visible when you need it.

Featuring a 14-mm profile that rests nearly flush against the wall due to its battery-free design, the Horizon Thermostat connects with two wires and pairs with home Wi-Fi networks. While designed for new builds, the Horizon Thermostat also supports retrofit applications with no common wire when paired with the Crestron Common Wire Adapter accessory, sold separately.

The Horizon Thermostat is now available for preorder for $599.