ARX Debuts Ultra deBalancer

ultra debalancer

ARX just debuted the Ultra deBalancer, a two-channel audio de-balancer and switchable +4dB or -10dB Level Optimizer, specifically designed to handle the critical task of converting Pro Audio balanced outputs to unbalanced signals.

With so many different consumer products in today’s “BYOD” environment, you need to be prepared with the right equipment on hand to silently interface with unbalanced +4dB line level signal paths or the -10dB unbalanced inputs of low operating level professional and consumer electronics. The ARX Ultra deBalancer interface offers a straightforward solution with industry standard Female Amphenol XLR Inputs and transformer isolated and de-balanced 6.5-millimeter Jack, RCA and 3.5-millimeter Jack outputs to cover all plug types.

As part of the ARX Audibox range of audio interfaces, the Ultra deBalancer features transformer ground isolation for low-noise operation and it’s a passive device with no power requirements.