Crest Audio and Peavey Show Off New Product at NAMM


This year, Crest Audio is showing off the CPL+ hybrid line of speaker enclosures and the Stage 2x2D DI

Audio professionals worldwide demanded it The new Crest Audio Stage 2x2D Direct Injection Network Audio Interface feature-rich DI box, include PoE – Dante/AES67 capable pro-audio A-D/D-A interface that’s powered up for virtually any performance challenge. Designed with future proof network audio streaming connectivity and supporting high-quality, low-noise extended dynamic range microphone, Line level and Hi-Z instrument pre-amplifiers, the Stage 2x2D is a rock-solid robust solution delivering audio signals without compromise, transient audio loss or acoustic artefacts.

The new Crest Audio CPL+ Series of loudspeakers. Ranging from a single 5-inch coaxial to 15-inch loudspeaker systems, the 14 models complement each other in any combination to serve the needs of the venue and the artist. Crest denotes the CPL+ series as “Hybrid”, meaning the enclosures are equally suitable for public address, music playback and/or live performance requirements in permanent and live sound applications.


Peavey Electronics introduces the Aquarius AQ Series Enclosures, representing an evolution of speaker technology. A culmination of Peavey’s 50-plus years of engineering experience and an ideal combination of reliability, performance, and value, the AQ Series delivers an increase in power while simultaneously using less power to create more output. The result is an environmentally friendly design that doesn’t cut back on output and reliability. Lightweight, efficient, and offering the modern features users require, the Aquarius AQ Series is competitively priced and ready to meet the demands of today’s consumers.