Crest Audio Unveils Enhanced ClimateGuard Series Speakers for Exceptional Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions


MERIDIAN, MS — Crest Audio, a subsidiary of Peavey Electronics, launches the new ClimateGuard series speakers. The ClimateGuard series offers enhanced weather-resistant features, ensuring optimal sonic performance even in the most demanding climates. With their IP56 rating, the ClimateGuard series composite speakers are fully waterproof, dust-protected, and capable of withstanding high heat and extreme sun exposure, resulting in extended longevity. Offering exceptional audio quality – Nature has never sounded better.

Crafted from an advanced composite material, the ClimateGuard series enclosures have remarkable dimensional stability even in wet conditions and remain impervious to contamination, while keeping the resonant properties of wood. The Black Hammerhead™ polyurea finish adds an extra layer of protection, akin to high-grade truck-bed liner, effectively sealing the waterproof composite cabinet panels. On the front, a stainless-steel moisture-repellent grille, equipped with a hydrophobic water-repellent cloth, ensures dual-layer performance without compromising the speaker’s sound quality. The back features a gland nut entry into the water-sealed input cup plate, guaranteeing zero leakage where the speaker cable enters.

A peek inside the ClimateGuard series reveals a conformal coated crossover assembly, where all components and the PCB are mounted with a layer of plastic coating to insulate against moisture. The speakers and optional 70/100 V transformer connections employ waterproof automotive grade connectors. The advanced technology composite fiber panels boast a resilient construction, including a fiberglass-resin sheet skin on both sides and a foamed resin core, safeguarding against rot or degradation caused by time or exposure to the elements. Additionally, the water-resistant woofers feature a water-repellent dust cap that can endure prolonged direct contact with water.

The ClimateGuard series speakers are available in four two-way, full-range configurations, along with a flyable subwoofer. The compact CG™ 108 combines a 75° x 75° horn with an 8″ weatherproof woofer in a compact and durable enclosure. The CG 208 system is a two-way speaker system made up of two 8” water-resistant woofers and a 1.4” titanium diaphragm compression driver mounted on a waveguide. The CG 112 boasts a 12″ Black Widow woofer, while the CG 115 is equipped with a 15″ Black Widow woofer. Both complemented by an RX™ 22 Neo 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver and a rotatable Quadratic-Throat Waveguide® horn, both available in 60° x 40° and 105° x 60° Coverage patterns. Finally, the CG 212S subwoofer houses two 12″ weather-proof woofers.

Installing the ClimateGuard series speakers is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly ClimateGuard Pole Mounting System, offering customizable angle adjustments and supporting installations in various locations. The new ClimateGuard series of loudspeakers will be available through authorized retailers. For further details, please visit or