Coretronic Demos 4K UHD Ultra Short Throw Projector at ISE

coretronic-updated-0216Delta and Coretronic make well over 70 percent of the projectors sold in the world. Delta has been selling Delta-branded (in addition to its OEM partners) projectors for years. Now, Coretronic is, too, with the European launch of a 4K projector called the DLP HLD LED as well as a home cinema line at next week’s ISE show in Amsterdam.

For the home, visitors will see the what Coretronics claims is the world’s first consumer-grade single-chip DLP HLD LED prototype projector. More than that, Coretronic is also demonstrating its full HD laser home cinema solution with lamp-less laser light source and ultra-short-throw features, which not only offers crystal-clear imaging, high contrast, high brightness, and a rich audiovisual experience, but also fits with many kinds of home styles due to its compact and sleek design. Future-ready, the projector can be easily integrated into smart home network to serve as a controller and display screen, adding to the convenience of life.

For corporate customers, Coretronic plans to provide total solutions, from its in-house-developed IR pen and light curtain touch (LCT) technology, to full HD ultra-short-throw projectors and smart connection software, offering simultaneous 10-point touch and an interactive experience. With its built-in light detectors and sensors to trace the motion of touch control, LCT turns any wall surface into an interactive interface. The smart connection software allows corporations to improve efficiency through high-tech, high-touch online meetings across regions and time zones through a wireless collaboration platform.

Coretronic’s education visual solution is powered by self-developed 134″ projected capacitive touch (PCT) screen and full HD ultra-short-throw projector, supports simultaneous 30-point touch input from fingers and pens, and allows using traditional teaching tools on an ultra-wide PCT and storing the class notes in the cloud just like using a huge tablet to establish a real interactive teaching environment.

Coretronics is here.