Computer Graphics Video, Component Video, Travel the Distance With Kramer TP-45/TP-46 Twisted Pair C

Kramer Electronics announced two new products in its twisted pair line of long distance audio/video products. The TP-45 transmitter and TP-46 receiver are compact products that allow routing of either computer graphics video or component video, along with either unbalanced analog stereo audio or S/PDIF digital audio signals over UTP CAT-5. This transmitter and receiver combination is especially suited for a professional application where computer graphics video and/or component video signals are being used in long range distribution systems or home cinema applications for HTDV component video signals.

The TP-45 transmitter accepts a computer graphics video signal on a 15-pin HD connector with resolutions up to UGXA and a component video signal (Y, Cb/Pb, Cr/Pr) on 3 RCA connectors with resolutions up to 1080p. The TP-45 also accepts an unbalanced analog stereo audio signal on a 3.5mm mini jack connector and an S/PDIF digital audio signal on an RCA connector. Both the video and audio signals can be easily selected via push-button switches so the desired combination can be transmitted to the receiver.  The audio signal on the TP-46 is distributed simultaneously to the analog and digital audio outputs.

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