Barco’s New Indoor LED Shines

In the “what looked amazing department” at InfoComm, Barco’s LED displays were by far the smoothest LEDs we saw. Their newest is the NX-4, a 4mm indoor LED using  black LED for deeper black levels. This true black LED is a new design that impacts everything from the interior resin to the exterior shaders. When combined with a light output of 2000 Nit, Barco says they achieve a contrast level of 4000:1.

Besides the black LED, Barco developed advances in base materials, mechanical design and color processing.

The structure of NX-4 is made of carbon fiber and is designed in a framework — rather than a box. That makes it stronger, far lighter, and ten times less sensitive to deformation, and it also ensures a seamless image every time a LED display is built.

Also launched at InfoComm is Barco’s new DX-700, a 16-bit multi-window video processor which supports all current Barco LED products and next generation platforms, such as the NX-4.

The DX-700 provides modularity, and multi-bank control. When used in combination with the DX-700, the NX-4 delivers more colors, more detail, and a higher degree of uniformity without sacrificing color depth, says Barco.

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