Columbus Brewing Company Beer Hall Integrates Modern Technology and Historical Architecture

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Columbus Brewing Company Beer Hall, a historic building formerly used as a mechanic’s shop for trolley repairs in the 1800s, underwent a renovation to preserve its historic characteristics while implementing modern features. Integrated Building Systems, a leading technology integrator based in Columbus, Ohio, was entrusted with the task of implementing a high-quality audio distribution system that would blend seamlessly with the building’s past-meets-future aesthetic and provide even coverage throughout the space.


The goal of the installation was to achieve high-quality audio distribution for background music and occasional cable TV audio on game days. The solution needed to provide even coverage throughout the beer hall and be easy to install given the space’s unique characteristics and historic preservation requirements.

Emily Chapman, Marketing Manager for Integrated Building Systems, shared her thoughts on the project: “We were excited to be a part of the Columbus Brewing Company Beer Hall renovation, providing an audio solution that not only met the client’s expectations but also aligned with the building’s historic charm. Our team thrives on creating innovative solutions that enhance our clients’ experiences.”


SoundTube’s Mighty Mite MM43-BGM-BK NextGen pendant speakers were chosen for their sound quality, built-in subwoofer, and ability to blend with the beer hall’s aesthetic. Their availability during COVID-caused supply chain shortages also made them an appealing choice for both Integrated Building Systems and Columbus Brewing. In addition to the speakers, a QSC audio processor, iPad control for video and audio switching, and Visionary Solutions encoder/decoder for network-based video system were installed. 

Challenges and Installation:

The Integrated Building Systems team faced challenges in installing the speakers due to the historic nature of the building, which included restrictions on drilling into certain beams and bricks. Instead of bolting the technology, they had to find ways to fasten it. The speakers were ultimately installed from the high ceilings using the newly added mezzanine space for running cables.


The Columbus Brewing Company Beer Hall’s new audio system provides the desired sound quality and even coverage throughout the space. The client, Victor Wise, Director of IT, was pleased with the result and the seamless integration of the speakers and other technology. The Integrated Building Systems team is proud to have contributed to the vibrant, active space enjoyed by many people and to have successfully combined modern technology with the building’s historic architecture.

Products Installed:

  • SoundTube Mighty Mite MM43-BGM-BK speakers (x9)
  • QSC audio processor
  • iPad control for video and audio switching
  • Visionary Solutions encoder/decoder for network-based video system
  • Cable boxes
  • Digital signage devices
  • VIA GO2 wireless presentation device for event space
  • Biamp amplifiers
  • 15 LG TVs
  • A/V racks
  • Cat-6 drops for TVs, wireless access points, point of sale, PoE phone, patch panel termination points, and a 4-post rack, including installation and grounding to room ground bar.