Need Tempest Enclosures for Epson Projectors? Done!

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Tempest, the manufacturer of outdoor enclosures for digital projectors, has developed a new line of enclosures designed for the Epson EB-PU Series large venue projectors. The Tempest BreezePU enclosures are designed for straightforward outdoor landscape applications.

In recent years, the projection industry has experienced a growth in demand for experiential applications, including outdoor projects that range from small mapping to lighting up festivals, famous monuments and massive buildings. As a result, the demand for Epson high-brightness projectors has increased along with projector enclosure requests that can withstand a range of environments and weather conditions. The Tempest BreezePUenclosures address user demand for a cost-effective family of outdoor enclosures for mapping and media production studio usage in temperate climates.

tempest epson eb-pu series

Ideal for less demanding environments where extreme temperatures and humidity, or salt air are unlikely to occur, and networking is not required, the BreezePU models come in a light bronze powder coat finish. Featuring optical grade tempered port glass and the quality build that Tempest customers have come to expect, its forced-air ventilation function runs automatically when the projector lamp is on, or when the temperature inside the enclosure exceeds 35°C.

The BreezePU enclosures include a thermal barrier inside the cover to provide added daytime protection under a hot sun, and an electrostatic dust filter can be removed and washed when required. BreezePU can be rigged using four M8 screws, or it can be hung using the included Hanging Adapter Kit. Its universal projector mount grips a projector firmly with pan, tilt and roll adjustment. Breeze PU features a Universal IEC C13 projector power outlet, including a rewireable plug.

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