Coca-Cola Digital Shelves by SpinetiX

soubetux-russia-casestudyIn a feat to differentiate their product line of drinks on supermarket shelves, Coca-Cola HBC Russia employed innovative digital signage technology from SpinetiX to redefine in-store messaging at a major Moscow supermarket called “Perekryostok”. The results are more than promising.

Coca-Cola HBC Russia selected SpinetiX HMP players for their proven track record of uninterrupted 24/7 operation in public spaces. The players’ robust compact design and practically no maintenance requirements also played an important role for the decision.

Experts from SpinetiX Certified Dealer MediaStroyImidz were tasked for adapting and synchronizing the screen content of both the shelftalkers and the video wall on top using Elementi digital signage software from SpinetiX. Content management is carried out remotely over the Internet. Dynamic screen content is automatically generated based on real-time data capture. This means that the brand can make content changes remotely on the spot and see the result on the screens instantly. It also means that the system is easy to integrate with external sources of data such as the supermarket’s accounting system for displaying the price of products.

The newly installed LED shelftalkers were used together with an already existing LCD video wall on top the shelf as a synchronized content display system driven by nine SpinetiX HMP players. The players are neatly tucked away and hidden from view, yet are at the core of the installation. The video wall on top of the shelf attracts attention from afar. In turn, shelftalkers with dynamic content highlight products once shoppers are on the aisle next to the shelf.

SpinetiX-Certified Partners Offer Valuable Expertise. It Makes all the Difference. The choice of a technical solution and a contractor for a large customer like Coca-Cola HBC Russia is often made by an advertising agency. In such a context, it is absolutely essential that all stakeholders, including the integrator, are well connected to each other and collaborate in the best interest of the customer. This ensures selecting the optimal technical solution and avoids hidden costs in the long-term. Coca-Cola HBC chose to work directly with the integrator, SpinetiX Certified Silver Dealer MediaStroyImidz, to optimize project costs and speed up project development. Thanks to this close collaboration and the expertise of the certified SpinetiX integrator, no compromise was made on the strict requirements of the brand.

Coca-Cola HBC Russia is serious about extracting the benefits of this easy to operate attention management installation. Once installation was put in place, the brand involved experts from The Brain Lab in the field of neuromarketing research to obtain practical confirmation of the effectiveness of the pilot project. Special eye-tracking glasses were used by test subjects, mapping their attention and tracing their interest around the shelves. No detail was omitted – slogans, images, location on the shelf, brightness and frequency of the message. It was confirmed that structuring visual information increases the level of attention and potential of a sale among different segments of the target audience by 35 to 67%.

The study showed that the digital shelftalkers are clearly visible and that people remember the main slogans of the bright visually appealing installation. What’s more, it confirmed the hypothesis that different segments of the target audience react differently to dynamically changing content. Creating customized content based on audience segment is effective as it allows the brand to incite certain kinds of shoppers to make decisions and encourage other desired behaviors at different times.

The beauty of the system is that thanks to the SpinetiX digital signage solution, content can be easily changed and adapted to the needs of the brand at any time and remotely.

The flexibility of the SpinetiX solution is a warrant for the project’s futureproofing and modularity. For example, the solution allows for integrating third-party security equipment, directional sound systems, and scent-marketing machines depending on future brand requirements. Since the publishing of this case study, Coca-Cola HBC Russia has completed a second installation using the SpinetiX solution in another chain of supermarkets.