Control4 Expands Wireless Lighting Line With New Dimmers and Switches

control4 dimmers switches

Control4 has announced the addition of Essential Lighting, an expansion to the Control4 Wireless Lighting line, to dealers in North America. The new Essential Lighting models include just the essential smart home features, making them an option for even the smallest Control4 project. For customers who typically only budget for smart lighting in primary rooms, such as the family room, dining room or home theater, Essential Lighting makes it more affordable for them to add to other areas of the home, such as bathrooms, the laundry room, garage and more. Designed to enable the addition of essential smart lighting features to any project, the affordability of the Control4 Essential Lighting line provides flexibility and also introduces new homeowners to the smart lighting experience.

Essential Lighting enables professionals to mix and match with existing Control4 Wireless Lighting and Centralized Lighting to meet the needs of any project. Great for retrofit or new builds, professionals can replace dumb light switches with one of three new in-wall Decora models, including a dimmer, switch and auxiliary keypad. Homeowners can also quickly automate lamps and other plug-in devices with a new plug-in dimmer or switch. All Essential Lighting products are programmable in Composer and include a single blue LED.

The Control4 Essential in-wall dimmer is compatible with dimmable LEDs and CFLs, incandescent and halogen bulbs. The Control4 Essential wireless in-wall switch provides on/off control of lighting, motors and pumps, and is compatible with virtually all 110-277V AC lighting load, with a simple rocker, the switch has a blue LED to show the light status. The Control4 Essential auxiliary keypad is an economical solution for three-, four- and five-way control of a load using existing in-wall wiring to connect to the Control4 essential dimmer or switch or use up to five essential auxiliary keypads with a single load-control device. The Control4 plug-in outlet dimmer is an easy way to add lamps or other non-grounded lighting devices to your Control4 system. Plug it into a standard electrical outlet to dim incandescent, halogen and dimmable LED and fluorescent bulbs. The Control4 plug-In outlet switch is a single relay, grounded, dual-outlet switch that provides on/off control of lamps, lighting, motors and pumps.

Control4 Essential Lighting was designed to facilitate fast, simple installs and does not require specialized electrical training. Essential Lighting dimmers and switches can be wired with a space-saving screw terminal. The products then detect line and load to prevent errors and can easily daisy-chain to create multiple configurations. The faceplates complement those in the Control4 Wireless Lighting and Centralized Lighting lines, with matching white, matte snow white, black and light almond colors, or upgrade to Control4 screw-less faceplates for modern home design.

At $85 each, the new dimmers and switches are a new entry-point into smart lighting, and you can find them here: