Classé Audio Debuts Third Generation of Delta Series Amplifiers

classe delta stereoClassé Audio has debuted the third generation of its Delta series amplifiers, the Delta MONO, STEREO and PRE. The heart of the Delta series amplifiers is a large toroidal transformer, wound by hand with over 540 meters (1,771 feet) of copper windings, which takes more than six hours to wind. Separate windings for left and right channels in the Delta STEREO and inverting and noninverting amplifiers in the Delta MONO provide excellent isolation of amplifier stages for optimum channel separation and differential amplifier performance. This, alongside twenty-two premium four-pole Mundorf capacitors, provide power supply filtering and 215,000 μF of energy storage for unrestrained dynamics and clarity, even under demanding conditions. A new Lateral MOSFET output stage operates in class A up to 35W for the Delta MONO and 12.5W for the Delta STEREO.

The third-generation Delta series amplifiers have a distinctive Delta series chassis wrap, architectural grey finish and prominent VU meter on the front panel. The front panel also hosts a large air intake used by the units’ active cooling system called the ICTunnel. The intake itself features custom-designed louvers, which have an airfoil shape to promote smooth and low-noise airflow. The internal fan mechanism is thermostatically controlled and 35mm thicker than previous models so it can spin at the lowest speed necessary to maintain the amplifiers’ ideal operating temperature. This advanced cooling mechanism makes the Delta series easily placeable in racks or tight spaces without overheating and makes it an ideal choice for recording studios.

The Delta PRE uses Rhodium-plated connectors uses new dual differential DACs, an analog volume control with 0.25dB step precision. The Delta PRE is capable of supporting turntables, tuners and SACD players as well as digital streaming, disc players and optionally, HDMI-equipped AV sources.

On board phono and optional HDMI switching along with asynchronous USB, master-mode Network, SPDIF coax and optical, and analog XLR and RCA.

The new Classé Delta Series is now available and the Classé Delta STEREO retails for $12,999 MSRP, Delta MONO for $10,999 MSRP and Delta PRE for $9,999 MSRP. Here are all the specs.