Christie Beats Sony to Market and Installs First Laser-Only Projector

cinerama-1013Christie will supply and install the world’s first commercial digital laser projection solution at the Seattle Cinerama Theatre, a 4K Christie digital laser projector, with scalable light output up to 60,000 lumens.

“When hi-tech visionary Paul G. Allen bought the theater in 1999, he gave Cinerama full rein to innovate in order to provide our community with a cutting-edge movie-going experience,” said Greg Wood, Cinerama theater manager. “Selecting a laser projection solution — with its ability to render 2D and 3D movies with stunning clarity and brilliant, accurate color rendition — is in keeping with this tradition. We were excited by demonstrations of the technology earlier this year by Christie and we are looking forward to welcoming this reliable and brilliant laser projector installation to our space.”

Christie recently received the first U.S. FDA approval of variance allowing the sale of laser projectors for use in a cinema, which is the first and only such variance to date approved for a manufacturer of DCI-compliant cinema projectors.

Site scoping and technical evaluations began in August, with an anticipated switch over from conventional digital projection to the latest Christie digital cinema laser projector planned for early next year.

Christie intends to introduce a wide range of laser projectors building on core technologies and architectures, to power applications for the digital cinema, ProAV, visualization and simulation markets, throughout 2013 and beyond.

Here are details on the cinema.

Here are the specs of the projector.