Christie Debuts 4K DLP/Laser Projector with CinemaCon Demo

christie-4k-0314Christie just announced a new laser projection architecture integrated with Dolby 3D that will be demo’d later this month at both the CinemaCon 2014 (Caesars Palace, March 24-27) and the National Association of Broadcasters NAB Show (Las Vegas Convention Center, April 5-10). Christie’s DLP Cinema laser projectors use 6-Primary (6P) color laser modules and are earmarked for mass production in early 2015. Christie says will show in the demos how 3D light levels, image uniformity, viewing comfort, and a sense of immersion can be improved using these new technologies, especially when combined with advanced separation technology like Dolby 3D, versus conventional 3D systems found in cinemas around the world today.

Claiming to be at least twice as efficient as today’s best 3D systems, Christie’s 6P laser projectors generate a proprietary mix of photoptically-optimized light wavelengths for each eye directly from the source, in effect eliminating the need for a highly inefficient stage of filtering or polarizing the light as it leaves the projector. The Christie demos will use Dolby 3D glasses specifically engineered to exactly match the 6 primary laser light wavelengths to yield nearly 90 percent light efficiency.

Consistent with efforts so far in developing 3-Primary (3P) laser projectors, which Christie sees filling important needs in several, non-cinema industries, Christie laser projectors will provide very high brightness (up to 72,000 lumens per projector head), wider color gamut capabilities, higher contrast and significantly reduced maintenance requirements. As part of its largest research and development program ever, Christie will continue to develop superior 6P and 3P laser projection solutions for all of its global customers.

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Ultimately, this DLP/Laser technology will find its way into staging projectors and then large-format projectors used in auditoriums and large venues. Expect to see those projectors in late 2015 or early 2016. Christie’s digital cinema product details are here.