Change Is Good

As many of you may know by now, I have started a new chapter in my AV career. Last week I changed companies and now work for Pivot Communications. I am very excited for this opportunity and love that I get to continue to be a part of the AV industry and community.

After thirteen years of working on the integration part of the huge puzzle known as “AV” I decided that I needed a change.  I enjoyed working on the integration side as I was able to engage with customers and manufacturers on a daily basis.  However, I reached the point where I need more fuel for my creativity. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than being stagnate.



An opportunity presented itself and I went for it. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am not afraid of change. I think that change is good and that change can be used as a learning experience.  Last year I wrote a blog about perception and how it changes over time.  My perception of myself changed and I was ready to address it.  I wanted to expand my knowledge base and learn more.



My biggest concern with wanting to change my position within the industry was, “where do I go?” I did not want to work for another integrator fulfilling the same role that I had for over a decade. I was not opposed to working for a manufacturer, but who would be a good fit for me? On top of those questions was the fact that I was not looking to relocate to another area. While I have been providing clients with remote work applications for years, it was not something that was an integral part of my personal work experience. Thanks to Pivot being located in Salt Lake City, UT and me living outside of Philadelphia, Penn., I am now part of the remote work employee pool. And so far, I am really enjoying the situation. Not only am I learning new and exciting things every day, I am getting to do that from the comfort of my own home.

Currently I am working on making my on-boarding as seamless and painless as possible. I am wearing multiple hats as I learn the nuances of my new company and clients. I am very excited to apply my years of industry knowledge to my new role and am very interested to see my career flourish with this new change!