CEDIA Expo Will Include National Kitchen & Bath Association Sponsor

CEDIA Expo announced today that the National Kitchen & Bath Association will be the official lunch sponsor for the Design+Connection Tour series at CEDIA Expo 2018. The NKBA will provide complimentary lunches to all designer and integrator participants and will be the last stop on the inaugural 2018 Design Connection Tour series where participants will learn of the NKBA’s most recent study—the Kitchen Technology and Usage Study.

The NKBA, who endorsed CEDIA Expo as the show where kitchen and bath designers will meet and collaborate with integrators, is dedicated to “Connecting the Connectors” at CEDIA Expo, running September 6–8 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Suzie Williford, NKBA’s executive vice president of industry relations & CSO, says, “The NKBA is committed to facilitating collaboration between kitchen and bath designers and technology integrators who are looking to meet the demands of consumers interested in building intelligent kitchens and baths in their homes.” “The NKBA is looking to close the gap on consumer wants and needs and industry specialists who excel in this kitchen/bath tech environment.”

Technology integrators are now as integral to home design as builders, remodelers and architects. The NKBA aims to be on the forefront of this industry shift in technology to satisfy the modern client’s design and technology goals. With the CEDIA Expo imperative to connect integrators with designers, CEDIA Expo and the National Kitchen & Bath Association have forged a strong relationship to align the two trade organizations.

The Design+Connection Tours will feature 10–15 certified designers led around the Expo by Joe Whitaker and David VanWert. Tour participants, tour guides and NKBA representatives will then attend the Design+Connection Bourbon & Brownies event for further networking and collaboration. Visit the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) booth at CEDIA Expo, booth #1640, for more information.

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