Catchbox Launches a New 4 Channel Microphone System

01 Catchbox Plus wireless microphone system ISE 2024 Large

Catchbox is expanding the Plus wireless microphone system to 4 microphone channels introducing new additions to the product family – Stick handheld mic alongside improved Cube throwable mic and Clip wearable mic.

Today, work and learning environments rely on professional audio solutions for essential connectivity, raising the importance of both the audio quality and user experience. The 4 channel Catchbox Plus system was designed for crisp whole-room audio capture for voice lift, hybrid conferencing and recordings as well as captioning in universities, corporate meetings and events. The Plus system’s Cube, Clip and Stick mics include dedicated charging stations guaranteeing constant readiness, allowing users to pick up and talk at a moment’s notice.

Besides introducing new hardware (Stick, Dual dock) and 3rd party integrations (Utelogy, Q-sys), the new Catchbox Plus system integrates a smart Speech Intelligibility Engine (SIE) for exceptional noise-free speech to audio experience in lectures and meetings. The integrated SIE delivers a superior audio experience minimizing the build-up of background noise and improving gain before feedback for local voice lift, remote participant audio, captions and playback recordings.

“We prioritize customer feedback in every product development decision. Our objective is simple: to enhance engagement in discussions through great audio experiences and create audio products that people genuinely enjoy using,” says Mikelis Studers, CEO of Catchbox.

Packed with features like USB connectivity, integrated auto mixer, built-in speakerphone mode, Catchbox Plus delivers professional audio experience without introducing complexity in the product configuration and setup process. The built-in Dante audio over IP functionality, PoE and remote monitoring capabilities enable seamless integration into networked AV infrastructures.

Catchbox will premiere the new Catchbox Plus system at ISE 2024 (Jan 30 – Feb 2). Join the product demonstration in Hall 2, booth #2U800.

The new Catchbox Plus system will be available summer 2024. Explore the product brochure to learn more: