CastNET Introduces CastNET Sports Solutions

CastNET_Sports_DSE_Banner-0316CastNET just launched something called Sports Solutions — a new family of digital signage products that will enhance the fan experience and increase sponsorship opportunities at collegiate and professional sports venues.

CastNET Sports Solutions uses the award-winning CastNET digital signage software, along with IPTV distribution hardware, to stream multiple channels of live game day content to screens in concourses, suites, press boxes, and concession stands. CastNET Sports offers a variety of modules that integrate real time data sources like game clock and score, player stats, social media, menu boards and much more. Fully branded and multi-zone sponsor advertising and venue promotions can be displayed on the side and bottom of the screens while showing live game day content.

  • CastNET ConcourseView enables venues to distribute live IPTV game day events on concourse screens with messages from sponsors and advertisers along the side and bottom of the screens.
  • CastNET SuiteView allows suite guests to control multiple channels of game day, satellite TV, or cable TV content using a tablet channel.
  • CastNET StatsView shows in-game and pre-game statistics full screen. Data from numerous internal and external sources can be added.
  • CastNET MenuView screens are installed over food and merchandise concession stands and easily integrated with POS systems.

One of the most important features included with CastNET Sports is an easy yet powerful software tool called CastNET GameDay Control. Authorized personnel are able to manually switch screen content throughout a sports venue using a simple web browser playlist. Stadium-wide manual switching is important because an operator, for example, never knows the precise time for the start of the half or end of the game.

All the details are here.