ONELAN Parent Buys Tripleplay

Tripleplay has been acquired by Uniguest, the parent company of ONELAN.

As part of Uniguest, this new division will be a key component of a global organization that enables Tripleplay and ONELAN to leverage the group’s financial and support infrastructure to drive significant global expansion and service plans.

The acquisition presents the strategic opportunity for Uniguest to market Tripleplay’s IPTV and interactive portal to its own hospitality and senior living clients, while extending its reach with a complementary partner base for products, specifically, in the stadium, large enterprise, and banking verticals.

The combined Tripleplay and ONELAN organization will be led by Steve Rickless, Tripleplay’s CEO.

Tripleplay is here and ONELAN is here while Uniguest — now parent to both companies — is here.