Casio Claims Victory in LED Projector Market

Casio America, Inc. is a pioneer in the digital projection space and created the LampFree category in 2010 with the introduction of its laser/LED hybrid light source. Since then, Casio has continued to deliver LampFree Projectors for commercial, business and education sectors. In 2019, Casio is continuing its path of innovation with a new line of LampFree projectors and digital solutions that directly address the needs of its customers.

According to PMA Research, Casio’s market share within the lamp-free projector category has increased by 68 percent over the past three years. Casio also had the highest unit share gain (55 percent) compared to other leading projector brands. Casio’s commitment to the industry is displayed through its full line of projectors including portable, multi-purpose, high brightness and ultra short throw units that are equipped with a variety of features fit for a multitude of environments.

Earlier this year, Casio announced its latest LampFree projector lineup — the Superior Series. The new series offers brightness up to 4000 lumens and is outfitted with the Company’s next generation, mercury-free Laser and LED hybrid light source — the R-Hybrid Light Source. The new R-Hybrid Light Source technology produces colors while providing the same great cost-saving benefits of Casio’s previous technology including a service life of up to 20,000 hours without the need to change a lamp. Additional features include a 1.7x zoom lens, WUXGA resolution and Casio’s suite of connection and presentation solutions, Educational Solutions.

Built-in features include:

  • Auto Input Search: Eliminates the need to set the input port. Presenters simply plug the PC into the projector, power it on, and start their presentation immediately.
  • Auto Projection Off: Enables presenters to transition from one meeting/lesson to the next by putting the projector into stand-by mode.
  • Countdown Timer: Helps presenters manage time more effectively.
  • Template Function: Increases efficiency during meetings and presentations.
  • Mirror Mode: Reverses images to show form and movement.
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Casio’s new Network models also offer a Moderator Function, enabling presenters to select another presenter from anywhere in a room and project their PC onto the screen. Data and presentations from other devices can be shared via a wireless connection with ease. Using Casio’s One Click Connection feature, presenters can effortlessly connect to a room’s projector with minimal time loss. IT managers simply create the icon for connection in advance and upload it on any shared server or cloud system. Presenters then add the icon on their devices and click to wirelessly project content without having to re-install the projector for each use.

All of their projectors are here.