Carousel Digital Signage Offers Cloud Customers Unlimited Access to Its Content Library

carousel digital signage content library

Carousel Digital Signage announced that Carousel Cloud customers now have unlimited access to the Carousel Content Library and Carousel Academy, with no additional fees incurred for using both services.

The Carousel Content Library provides a set of channel designs and templates that “help customers quickly launch, update or scale their Carousel Cloud networks.” Available channel designs and templates include those tailored for use in corporate, government, higher education, K-12 and other environments. Specific examples include templates for social and emotional learning initiatives in K-12 schools. Templates also exist to create emergency alert messaging, as well as a Holiday Collection to deliver celebratory content for special days throughout the year.

A set of pre-developed icons helps users remove language barriers and enhance messages with visuals that communicate clear intentions, such as an alert signal that publicizes an emergency that requires evacuation. Carousel’s pre-developed iconography also eliminates the need for customers to design these graphics in-house.

The Carousel Academy provides customers with rich training resources for users of all skill levels. These resources give users access to valuable video content and additional “how-to” guidance as needed, whether at the start of their digital signage journeys or months to years after deploying their Carousel Cloud networks.