Calibre Adds Streaming to Scalers and Switchers

calibre-uk-0616Calibre has added streaming video input option for Calibre’s 7th-generation HQView600 series presentation scaler-switchers, LEDView700 series LED scaler-switchers and HQUltra700 series live events scaler-switchers.

The streaming video input option when chosen enables direct ingest of HD H.264 content via gigabit Ethernet port, as well as this port remaining available for webserver and remote control API use. The streaming video input is selected by an additional input select key on the front panel, so once the scaler-switcher has been installed and configured the user can select the streaming video input channel as the source to be displayed just as easily as if it was a HDMI or DVI input.

Streaming video input models include support for Calibre’s HQUltraFast typical 0.25 second input switching including switching to streaming video, with the same outstanding HQUltra scaling for the streaming video channel and all regular video input sources.

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