Bryston Launches Model T Cinema Reference In-wall Loudspeaker

bryston-reference-1015Bryston today introduced its Model T Cinema “reference” home theater in-wall loudspeaker. By leveraging the design of the Model T floor-standing loudspeaker, Bryston has developed an architectural speaker system for dedicated home theater rooms.

In order to achieve the desired performance goals from an in-wall speaker system, Bryston is using seven drivers in a three-way configuration capable of up to 120dB of output (supposedly without dynamic compression). Many in-wall loudspeakers sacrifice power response when submerged within a wall, however Bryston says they have overcome these limitations by placing the drivers on a robust baffle slightly forward of the wall’s surface, enabling the Model T Cinema to deliver a more realistic soundstage, precise imaging and superb dynamic capabilities.

Here are the detailed specs.