BrightSign Celebrates 2 Millionth Media Player Shipment

BrightSign Celebrates its 2000000th media player shipment 1BrightSign announced that it has shipped its two millionth media player. The milestone comes four years after the company hit the one million mark in Q3 of 2017.

“When you consider it took us eleven years to ship our first million media players, it’s impressive that we bridged from 1M to 2M in just four short years,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “This accomplishment speaks equally to the value of our products, and the broad market support that’s responsible for driving our continued sales growth over the years.”

BrightSign hit the two million shipment milestone earlier than anticipated, thanks in part to growth catalyzed by several pandemic-related influences. Covid-related lockdowns and restrictions gave businesses the opportunity to refresh (or add new) digital signage to their businesses with minimal disruption. Additionally, many companies and municipalities relied heavily on digital signage to effectively communicate new public health recommendations, social distancing requirements and general health and safety information as the pandemic evolved. Lastly, BrightSign’s media players were incorporated into many of the temperature-screening solutions that became essential to businesses as they screened customers and employees upon entry to their facilities.