Breaking Down the 2024 rAVe Readers’ Choice Award Results

readers choice award 2024 breakdown (1)

As you might have noticed, we announced the winners of the rAVe Readers’ Choice Awards Wednesday. As a tradition we started last year, we began to publish graphs that give you guys the breakdown of the vote percentages, showing you how each winning company, product or person won. Full disclosure: We don’t make you vote in every single category, and if you choose to skip one, you selected “I have no opinion” during the voting process. We don’t include the no opinions in the breakdown. Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here are all the categories and corresponding pie charts for how each company, product or person won.

For winners: rAVe will hand deliver your plaques and small signs to stand beside the winning products at InfoComm. And, again, no, we don’t charge for these or allow sponsorships of them. These are your awards! That just wouldn’t be right!

Now, without further ado, scroll down to view each pie chart for the Readers’ Choice categories. If you have further questions, you can always email me at Congratulations to all the winners!

Favorite AV Product of 2024 — Barco ClickShare Pro

Favorite New UCC Product of 2024 — Shure MXA 901

Favorite New Digital Signage Product of 2024 — Peerless STS650 Universal Scissor Mount

Favorite EdTech Product of 2024 — Shure MXW Wireless neXt 2

Favorite Live Events Product — Barco Encore3 (E3)

Favorite Display Brand of 2024 — Samsung

Favorite Projector Brand of 2024 — Epson

Favorite Control Brand of 2024 — Crestron

Favorite AV-over-IP Brand of 2024 — Crestron

Favorite Video Brand of 2024 — Sony

Favorite Audio Brand of 2024 — Shure

Favorite Screen Brand of 2024 — Da-Lite

Favorite Mount Brand of 2024 — Chief

Favorite BYOD Brand of 2024 — Barco

Favorite Speaker Brand of 2024 — JBL

Favorite Cable Brand 2024 — Belden

Favorite PTZ Camera Brand of 2024 — Sony

Favorite USB Mic Brand of 2024 — Shure

Favorite USB Camera Brand of 2024 — Logitech

Favorite UCC Video Bar Brand of 2024 — Logitech

Favorite Digital Signage Brand of 2024 — BrightSign

Favorite All-in-One LED Brand of 2024 — LG

Favorite Education & Training Program of 2024 — AVIXA Power Hours

Favorite Technical Support Team of 2024 — Crestron

Favorite Social Media Account of 2024 — Legrand AV

Favorite Video Product — NETGEAR M4250 Switches

Favorite Audio Product of 2024 — Sennheiser TeamConnect Bar Medium

Favorite Meeting Equity Product of 2024 — Logitech Sight with AI Meetings

Favorite Work-From-Home Product of 2024 — Logi Dock

Favorite HOW (House of Worship) Product of 2024 — Panasonic AW-UE160 4K UHD PTZ Camera

Favorite Security Product of 2024 — AtlasIED IPX Series

Favorite Distributor of 2024 — TD SYNNEX

Favorite Integrator of 2024 — AVI-SPL

2024 Person of the Year — Brad Sousa


2024 Company of the Year — Legrand AV