BREAKFAST Offers Old-School Flip-Disc Display System

breakfast-flip-1216For companies looking for an inexpensive alternative to covering a wall in LED screens, the so-called Flip-Disc Display System from BREAKFAST is an interesting product. The Flip-Disc Display System is a kinetic screen that’s been built to be fast and easy, not requiring a team of engineers and developers to get up and running. Basically discs flip (back and forth) to form an image using colored discs (in a variety of off-the-shelf colors and finishes). The casing are available in satin-black or white. In fact, it’s sort of like a GIANT version of a DMD (digital mirror device) from Texas Instruments’ DLP technology in that the discs actually flip (as individual pixels) close to 30 times a second.

This video helps explain what we’re talking about:

The BREAKFAST software is capable of displaying video files along with static images and text (and text can be interacted with via the included 3D depth camera). It includes a built-in scheduler that allows programing of content by time of day or via sequence and developers can use the API to push any custom content directly to the screen.

breakfast-flip2-1216The mounting bar provides a flexible way to hang the panels. It can be flush mounted to a wall, hung from cables or a wall stud, attached to scaffolding, and many others. The support bar also features threaded holes on the front face, allowing for a custom facade to be placed overtop. And butterfly brackets are also available for attaching to a support structure from behind.

Here are all the tech specs.