Bowers & Wilkins Adds Three New Signature Line Speakers — One for Home Theaters

bowers wilkins signature line speaker

Bowers & Wilkins launched the new 702 S3 Signature, 705 S3 Signature and HTM71 S3 Signature speakers Wednesday morning. The larger model in the new Signature range is the 702 S3 Signature, a three-way floor-standing loudspeaker that builds on the specification of the 702 S3, the flagship model in the 700 Series range. Bowers & Wilkins says the heart of the design is its Carbon Dome tweeter, housed in a decoupled Tweeter-on-Top aluminum enclosure and enhanced in this model with the addition of a new protective tweeter grille mesh derived from the 800 Series Signature models, introduced in 2023.

B&W 705 S3 Signature Midnight Blue Metallic Beauty 3 1x1The company says the decoupled Continuum Cone FST midrange drive unit — complete with its Biomimetic Suspension ensures clean sound. 702 S3 Signature also includes three 165mm (6.5”) Aerofoil Profile bass drivers for bass, complete with upgraded drive-unit suspensions (or ‘spiders’) that help improve bass clarity.

The 705 S3 Signature brings in a smaller form factor but includes a new tweeter grille mesh for more openness and transparency plus an upgraded crossover with new capacitors and resistors plus rearranged bypass capacitors. It shares the speaker terminals from 702 S3 Signature and also includes an all-new drive-unit suspension (or spider) for its 165mm (6.5”) drive unit, ensuring both a “cleaner midrange and more extended bass.”

B&W HTM71 S3 Signature Midnight Blue Metallic Beauty 1 16x9

The new 700 S3 Signature range includes a dedicated center-channel loudspeaker, the HTM71 S3 Signature. A three-way design, it features the same Tweeter-on-Top assembly as both the 702 and 705 S3 Signature models. This is complemented by a centrally mounted 130mm (5”) Continuum Cone FST midrange drive unit, also featuring decoupling and Biomimetic suspension. Finally, twin 130mm (5”) Aerofoil Profile bass cones give the HTM71 S3 Signature its fully extended presentation. Comprehensive upgrades to both its crossover components and its input terminals complete the HTM71 S3 Signature’s performance-orientated specification.

Both the 702 S3 Signature, 705 S3 Signature and HTM71 S3 Signature are only available in two exclusive Signature finishes, complemented by unique identifying Signature logo plates on their rear panels. The Midnight Blue Metallic paint is the same as offered on the iconic Nautilus loudspeaker and the 800 Series Signature models. Alternatively, all three loudspeakers can be purchased in a Datuk Gloss wood veneer. Exclusive to the new 700 Series Signature models, both finishes feature vibrant gold trims to their drive units and tweeter housings, further highlighting their Signature status.